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2019 Intentions
2019 Intentions Pau Dictado

Reflecting on 2018. Oh man, where do I begin? It was a great year for my career but I struggled a lot internally. I was too hard on myself, doubted myself a lot and lost self-confidence at one point. But through my struggles I found faith, strength and most importantly, I found myself again. I cried a lot, laughed a lot, and loved a lot. I’m so thankful for the past year, for all its lessons and blessings. Now I can honestly say that I’m coming into the new year with so much light and joy, and I cannot wait to see where it takes me!

2019 Intentions Pau Dictado
2019 Intentions Pau Dictado

I took some time over the holidays to reflect and reconnect with myself so that I can set my intentions for the new year. I love this time of year because it gives us a blank canvas to start over, where we can draw and paint to whatever our heart’s desire. I prefer setting Intentions than goals because intentions align us with our purpose, while goals pressure us to have an external outcome. It’s important to set intentions for the new year because it helps to keep you focused, prioritize what's most important and start making transformations from within. So in today’s blog post, I’m sharing with you my intentions for the new year!

2019 Intentions Pau Dictado
2019 Intentions Pau Dictado


1.     New adventures

I traveled to so many places in 2018 but decided to buckle down the past few months because of my big move plus the holidays. But now, I’m ready to travel again and making it a goal to travel at least once a month in attempt to venture out and get inspired. I’m currently listing all local, domestic and international destinations and already have a few trips in mind! If you have any recommendations and would like to share your favorite destinations, I’d love to hear them on the comments section below!

2.     Read more

I always try to make this a goal every year but never really made the effort to stick with it. This year it’s all about less screen time and more reading time. I’m making it a goal to read a book at least once a month! If you have any recommendations and would like to share your favorite books, I’d love to hear on the comments section below!

3.     Start journaling

This is also something I’ve been wanting to do but never made the time. This year I’m making it a goal to write everything down. From ideas to feelings, to-do lists to recipes, you name it! I religiously write to-do lists everyday on my planner, but I want to go in deeper and write literally everything that goes on in my head in attempt to fully express myself more and have a more clear, peaceful mind.

4.     Put my name on it

I’ve always dreamed about creating my own product. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved designing (I dreamt about being a fashion designer) and creating something of my own (I’ve always been the artsy type!). I’m making it a goal this year to be more proactive in terms of creating something tangible, and some of my ideas include (but not limited to): creating a capsule clothing line, a lipstick shade, staple black boots, or even my own hair color shade?! It excites me just thinking about it!

5.     More self-love

This applies to all aspects of my life: career, relationships, and well-being. I’m making it a priority to not compare myself to others and to forgive myself more when it comes to my job; I’m only choosing loving relationships and filtering out toxic ones (‘cause let’s face it, no one’s got time for that!); and making sure I workout 3-4x a week and eat clean with necessary cheat days, because I deserve to be the best version of myself without overdoing it. This year, I’m lovingly choosing myself.

6.     Help the environment

This year I’ll be making an effort to learn more about creating a sustainable lifestyle and making it a goal to work with more sustainable brands. I’ve already made to switch from plastic items to reusable materials, but I want to continue by supporting sustainable clothing and clean beauty—choosing sustainability whenever I can. I plan to choose more investment, quality pieces in my home and closet. It’s going to be a process, but this is the year where I’m going to take the necessary steps to help the environment.

Today, I encourage you to make a list of your intentions for the new year.  It’s never too late to reflect and reconnect with yourself—your purpose. Write it down and share it with someone close to you, someone you know who will support you and will help keep you focused throughout the year! Writing down and sharing my intentions excites me so much for the new year—it gives me something to look forward to and work towards to, and I hope it inspires you to do the same :)

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