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Spring Stripes
Pau Dictado-Spring Stripes
Pau Dictado-Spring Stripes
Pau Dictado-Spring Stripes
Pau Dictado-Spring Stripes
Pau Dictado-Spring Stripes
Pau Dictado-Spring Stripes
Pau Dictado-Spring Stripes
Pau Dictado-Spring Stripes
Pau Dictado-Spring Stripes

Thanks to daylight savings this past weekend, I was inspired to style my first spring look of the season. I love stripes because they’re the most versatile print out there that can spice up your look. You rarely see me in color but I thought this top was too cute to pass up!

I always try to opt for vertical stripes because it elongates the body and makes it look slimmer. Something that petite girls like me have to consider! I got this bustier top from N12H and I adore the ruffle and crochet detail—I think that the colors and details are perfect for spring! I wanted the top to really stand out in this look, so I paired it with a black hat and jeans. I'm wearing my newest straw tote that I found I Bali (I'm kinda obsessed), and my new favorite Gucci sunnies from the early 2000's that I stole from my dearest momma (yasss, I got my sense of style from her). I hope you liked this look - you can shop similar pieces below!

What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch

Brunching is my favorite part of the weekend. It gives me an excuse to dress up and catch up with loved ones! When dressing for brunch, I make sure I have these 3 key pieces to my look:

Retro Sunnies

The number one essential! I can never go without it because first of all, it’s always sunny here in SoCal. Secondly, accessories can add so much to an outfit. I like retro styles because they give more of a laid-back vibe, perfect for brunch!

Statement sleeves

Let’s be real, Sunday brunch is the best time for a photo op! Your upper body is what shows more since you’re sitting at brunch most of the time, so I like wearing pieces that are dressier on top.  I always go for statement sleeves because it gives off a dressy casual vibe.

Platform Shoes

If you’re petite like me, I always try to add a little height by wearing heels! However, since I’m going a more casual vibe for brunch, I opt for platforms. They’re more comfortable than wearing heels, and it makes the look more effortless!

I live in Los Angeles and although it’s starting to get cold here, most days are still warm and sunny. You can adjust accordingly by adding a coat if it’s colder where you live! I hope this post  gives you some inspiration in putting together your next brunch outfit.

Get the look below:

Sweater Weather
Lovers and Friends Sweater Revolve
Lovers and Friends Sweater Revolve
Lovers and Friends Sweater Revolve
Lovers and Friends Sweater Revolve
Lovers and Friends Sweater Revolve
Lovers and Friends Sweater Revolve
Lovers and Friends Sweater Revolve
Lovers and Friends Sweater Revolve

Now that fall is officially here, sweater weather is upon us! We’ve been having chilly mornings and nights in LA, but some days are still warmer than others. However, I can’t help but get excited to shop and wear knits this season! I recently found this distressed sweater by Lovers + Friends at Revolve and I just had to get it. I’m obsessed with the slashed details because it gives just enough edge to the look. I paired it with my favorite leather skirt by I.AM.GIA to mix both soft and tough elements together. Unfortunately, this ivory color is sold out but it's available in black here.

Also, check out other sweater styles by Lovers + Friends below:

Photography by Virisa Yong

Mixed Metals

I usually never mix my metals, but this jacket just gave me a whole new perspective! As long as you keep the look monochromatic, the result will be très chic. One of my favorite styling tips is adding statement pieces to comfortable basics. It’s the easiest way to elevate your look! This AS by DF statement jacket is light enough for the hot summer days, and can also keep you covered (literally) when it gets cold at night. The metal discs are hand-stitched to perfection, and the mixed hardware makes it even more fun.

AS by DF Jacket / Raye Heels

Photography by Virisa Yong

Flouncy Frills

Who isn’t obsessed with frills this season? They’re so fun and fresh, no one can resist. It instantly gives a flirtatious vibe, which is perfect for spring time.

“The more the merrier,” as they say, this Storets piece has it all: flouncy frills with striped details and tiered design. The skirt is a statement itself. I decided to match it with a lace bralette to mix it up for a night out, but you can also match it with a plain tee on your casual days. See more fun options below!

Photography by Virisa Yong

I like big tees and I cannot lie

Zara Tee / One Teaspoon Jacket / B-low The Belt / Pretty Little Thing Skirt / Dear Frances Boots


I'm currently obsessed over printed tees with a vintage feel. I've been really drawn to that worn-out look, whether it's acid washed, distressed, or slouchy. I either shop at the men’s section or get a medium (or even a large) size at the women’s section. I always go for an oversized look because I like to get comfortable on most days, especially with the summer weather starting to creep in. I found this tee at Zara and fell in love—it pretty much has all the details said above, and the best part is, it’s Power Rangers! Totally giving me all the 90’s vibe. I’m sharing some of my favorite t-shirt styles below:

Photography by Virisa Yong

Coachella Survival Style Kit

Coachella is less than a week away *cue panic attack* and we need to plan those outfits ASAP! I had a hard time preparing my outfits for my first Coachella (2014) because I had no idea what to expect, however, preparation gets better every year. Planning outfits can be stressful, but planning ahead of time and having an idea of what you’re looking for is definitely KEY. I’m sharing a few tips below on getting the proper outfits ready this festival season!

Desert vibes in creamy whites.

Don’t let the heat get to you, literally. My advice? Wear light colors to keep a fresh vibe. Try to avoid dark colors like black if you get hot easily, as black objects absorb all wavelengths of light and coverts them into heat, which makes you even hotter. I love creamy colors like ivory, sand, and khaki as it reminds me of the desert!

Tell me about it, stud.

It can be uncomfortable to wear heaps of accessories at the festival when you get hot and sweaty. My tip? Wear pieces that’s already accessorized so you don’t need to wear jewelry and the like. I’d go for lots of studs, as it gives a very edgy, rocker vibe to your look. It is a music festival after all!

Gone with the wind

You’ll want to wear something that’s breezy while rampaging in the desert heat. My pick? A tulle/sheer skirt! I love how the wind blows through the fabric, and how it flows while you're dancing! I don’t know about you, but It makes me want to groove all day long.

All chained up.

We all struggle on finding the “perfect” outfit, so much that we end up not finding anything even at our favorite retail stores! My solution? Pick a favorite basic piece in your closet and look for fun accessories to spice it all up. Instead on focusing so much on finding the perfect outfit, find something in your closet that you already like—something that fits you well, and most importantly, something that’s comfortable for you. Adding cool accessories, just like this leather harness skirt, makes a totally new outfit!


Photography by Virisa Yong

Spring Staples with Marks & Spencer
M&S Belted Trench with Stormwear
M&S Belted Trench with Stormwear
M&S Belted Trench with Stormwear
M&S Ring Body Bag and Studded Sandals
M&S Jumper and Culottes
M&S Jumper and Culottes
M&S Jumper and Culottes
M&S Ring Body Bag and Studded Sandals
M&S Ring Body Bag and Studded Sandals
M&S Jumper and Ring Body Bag

Now that Spring has sprung, it’s time to add new staple accessories into my wardrobe. My favorite spring trend would have to be silver hardware, from minimal accents to intricate detailing. I’ve been seeing this trend non-stop, from fashion runways to magazine editorials, and I’ve become obsessed! I love how even the simplest design and pattern can add so much to your look. What I’ve been really loving are circular designs, which adds the perfect amount of sophistication to just about any outfit.

I vote for minimal yet functional bags this season. My advice? Go for classic colors, just like this black Marks & Spencer mini tote. It’s just the right size to frolic during the daytime and into the night. It came at the right time as I’ve been on the search for a bag that’s structured but flexible, and this tote just does that. I can fit all my essentials—even my camera and make-up bag on my busy days, and I can simply match it with a LBD on a night out. For this ensemble, I’m going for city chic. You can find me strolling through downtown this season in a classic trench coat, a knit top, and trusty culottes for that effortless yet sophisticated look.

The studded sandals make the perfect statement piece for its fun and edgy vibe. I love the combination of the minimal straps filled with silver studs, which you’re sure to turn heads with! The minimal yet intricate design makes it versatile to wear—you can rock it with either solid colors or bold prints. I just love how these Marks & Spencer sandals give this look an unexpected twist! Another favorite of mine is matching it with either florals or frills to add a bit of toughness to the whole look.

What are your favorite staple accessories this season? I would love to hear your thoughts! Please comment them down below.

This collaboration was supported by Marks & Spencer and Shopping Links

Sporty but Fluffy

Here’s yet another look with the track pants trend! But this time, we’re going with an all-sporty look with a touch of blush. What I like about these pants is the one-liner on the side and cuffed bottoms, compared to my adidas pair that has three lines and zipped sides. I paired it with my beanie for a cozier look, and my new Daniel Patrick high top roamers to elongate my body and accentuate the cuffs. Lastly, I thought it was fun to add this fluffy blush cropped sweater for that feminine touch. Get the look below:

Photography by Virisa Yong

NYFW Look: That 70's Flare

Taking the NYFW streets in 70s-inspired style, I paired my collared faux fur coat with black bell bottoms—I just loved the contrast of the two. I started my first show at 10 AM with Lacoste then the Creatures of the Wind backstage and show right after. With just enough time to spare, I stopped by the Shop Style Social House and enjoyed some drinks, bites and shopping! It was nice to unwind and catch up with some familiar faces and meet new babes there as well. P.S. I'll be doing a NYFW highlights where you'll see more images from backstage and front row! So stayed tuned for that :) In the meantime, you can shop my NYFW picks here.

Photography by Virisa Yong

NYFW Look: The Femme

9:37 AM - Heading out to the shows

10:04 AM - The waiting game

1:06 PM - Refueling in between shows

3:31 PM - Running to my next appointment

Back in NYC and fiercer than ever! After several delays and cancellations to our flight to NYC, Virisa & I finally made it and we couldn’t be happier. I love the fashion week vibes; from the backstage madness, to the thrill of seeing new designs, and just being inspired with all things fashion. My first day of NYFW was heavily packed due to rescheduling my appointments from the day we lost from traveling, so with no time to change outfits in between shows, I wanted to make sure I was warm and comfortable throughout the day. This leopard coat was the perfect way to start, paired with a cut-out bodysuit and cropped jeans, with a beanie and high-top sneakers to finish the look. You can grab this entire look at my custom shopping page at Revolve HERE!

Photography by Virisa Yong

The Track Style

Athletic-inspired and casual cool.




Photography by Jennifer Wu


One piece I’m really loving right now are my Adidas track pants. I’m currently cleaning out my closet and found them neglected through the excessive pile of clothes I have in my room. I forgot how comfortable they are and I’ve been wearing them a lot on my off days. I just love how you can easily dress it up with heels or dress them down with sneakers. You can get away by working all morning at home and stepping out later in the day by simply adding strappy heels and a staple knit to look instantly chic! I’ve put other options below in case you want to try this look for yourself.

Parisian Chic




I once told myself I would never wear a beret just because I thought it was just cliché to wear one. Until one day I saw a beret from the Zara sale back in November and thought, “What the hell, let’s give it a try!” So I got a grey wool beret and wore it to my last trip to New York. I loved it so much that I snagged another one from Forever 21. This black beret has studs on the side, which I think has a very cool and edgy feel to it. It’s safe to say that I’m obsessed! And here’s 3 reasons why:

It’s cute, but also sophisticated.

While everyone else wears a knit beanie, try something new and get yourself a beret to keep your head warm this winter season! You can go monochromatic, just like I did here, or you can add a pop of color by wearing a red beanie with your neutral basics.

Look more put together.

You can wear a plain tee and your favorite pair of jeans and still look like you tried with a beret. It’s effortlessly chic and adds personality to your look!

No one will know you’re having a bad hair day.

Whenever you feel like your hair is too limp or too dirty, simply throw on a beret and you’re good to go!

Now that I (hopefully) convinced you, here are some styles that I LOVE:

In terms of choosing outfits to match your beret, I'd say to go for timeless, neutral pieces. And always remember that less is always more. Keep in mind that your beret is the statement piece in this look!

Photography by Vincent Elejorde

New year, new goals

It’s the new year and we’re given another fresh, clean start. Instead of writing my resolutions, I want to share with you my goals for the year. I believe that these goals will help me become a better version of myself, and help me make 2017 an amazing one.

2016 was so good to me. It was definitely a time of learning and transitioning. Shortly after I decided to quit my job and start full-time blogging, I came across so many great opportunities I never thought would come my way. I worked with brands I only dreamed of working with. I got lost and fell in love with new cities, experienced life-changing adventures, and most importantly, I learned so much more about myself and I’ve never been happier.

So to make 2017 just as great, here are my goals for the new year:


This year, I will make more time for to nourish my mind, body and soul. I was so focused on working my ass off this past year that I forgot to take care of myself in all aspects. All I cared about was growing my business, not thinking about the consequences. I was often unmotivated and worn out, and all of this was because I wasn’t nourished from within. So here are a few short term goals to help me:

To nourish the mind, I plan to buy good books and make time to read them no matter how busy I am; to nourish the body, I plan to drink lots of water and exercise daily even when its sounds like a terrible idea; and to nourish the soul, I plan to dedicate my time on a cause close to my heart, and to always try to see the best in others.


This year, I will shift my focus on things that add value to my life. And if it doesn’t, I will let it go. I’m currently cleaning out my room and renovating it soon after. Looking at all the things I acquired from the past year, it made me realize that one) I’m kind of a hoarder (LOL) and two) there’s a lot off stuff I keep that I don’t need or never even used. So this year I plan to focus on quality, whether it’s shopping for clothes or making/keeping relationships. I will purge the unnecessary and decrease clutter, and most importantly, make time for people and things I really care about.


This year, I really want to challenge myself more. Whether its being more open-minded and creative with my style or craft, or doing more activities to face my fear of heights. This will be the year where I push the boundaries, MY boundaries. I know I played it safe this past year because I had some doubts and insecurities. But now that I have a better understanding of myself, it's time to really push myself to the limit. I want to try new things, learn new ways, and become more daring than ever.

I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re Doing Something. So that’s my wish for you, and all of us, and my wish for myself. Make New Mistakes. Make glorious, amazing mistakes. Make mistakes nobody’s ever made before. Don’t freeze, don’t stop, don’t worry that it isn’t good enough, or it isn’t perfect, whatever it is: art, or love, or work or family or life. Whatever it is you’re scared of doing, Do it. Make your mistakes, next year and forever.”
— Neil Gaiman

I hope that this inspires you to reflect and make your own goals or resolutions for the year because it never hurts! It only set us up for success and helps us become a better version of ourselves. I love listing out my goals not only at the beginning of the year but all throughout, because it always gives me something to look forward to, and I know that I’m constantly working on myself. Each day is a fresh start, so let’s strive to be better than we were yesterday.

Cheers to 2017 and to new beginnings!

(Dress by Lioness c/o Princess Polly + Heels by Missguided)

The Camel Ride

Rounding up a few of my favorite camel coats.

One of my favorite Autumn/Winter staples is the camel coat. It never goes out of style and goes with just about anything! You can wear it to any occasion—either you’re going for a business meeting or weekend brunching. Just simply throw it on bam! Instant chic. And the best part is, the neutral color is flattering on every skin tone! I like wearing my camel coat on my busy days and long commutes. I got this one from Rudsak and it's my best one yet. Want your own? I’ve listed a few of my favorite camel coats below:

Photography by Virisa Yong

Sweater Weather

Getting cozy with Ramy Brook.


The cold winter mornings make it harder to get up on a Monday. The only way to get through the day is dressing down in the coziest knits. This Ramy Brook knit top is chic yet sophisticated with its asymmetrical cut and design. I’m obsessed with the lace-up detail intertwined with silver rings. I don’t know about you, but I feel very festive in knits! Now, off to some last minute holiday shopping and gift wrapping.

Shop The Look:


Photography by Virisa Yong

Peace + Love

Introducing the AW16 Peace + Love collection by Missguided.


The latest range is next level premium—beautifully designed in the most luxurious details and intricate embellishments. These ready-to-wear pieces were inspired by the strong, confident female—for the trailblazers who work hard and live fast. Check out the rest of the collection here.


This season I’m all about embellishments—it gives off the party vibes, and that I’m ready for a fun time. The nude mesh mixed with silver accents gives a very elegant roaring 20’s feel, which I love. Get the dress here or shop the look at the end of this post!


Shop The Look:

Photography by Virisa Yong

Sleek Appeal

A quick outfit recap from the weekend.


I took a stroll through downtown this past weekend and stopped by my favorite ice cream shop because it sure doesn’t feel like fall in Los Angeles lately. What is up with this bipolar weather? Anyways, there's nothing else to do but take advantage with light statement pieces. I wore my silky jumpsuit from Miss Pap and dressed it down with a woven belt and my Sigerson Morrison mules. I tied my hair in a bun to try something new, and added retro aviators to spice up the look. Overall, it was a good weekend because I was able to spend time with friends—old and new. How did your weekend go?

The Look:

Miss Pap Jumpsuit / Hita Leather Bag / Forever 21 Belt / zeroUV Sunnies /  Sigerson Morrison Shoes


Knit For A While

The temperatures are finally dropping and I look forward to dressing more cozy. 

On gloomy days like today, I opt for my favorite basics and cardigan. My new obsession though is the maxi cardi just because more knit is better! It keeps both your upper and lower body warm, which is much needed on those colder days ahead. I also love how the maxi cardi has a dressier look and just puts the whole outfit together. I paired mine with a ribbed bodysuit and stretchy skinnies for a completely comfy feel. Shop the look below!

Photography by Mark Nguyen