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Tousled Waves

My favorite hairstyle and my go-to look:

The Tousled Waves


Tousled hair stays in style because it gives off that effortless cool-girl vibe to any look! My Asian hair is naturally fine and straight, and I absolutely dislike how it gets flat really easily. After trying different hairstyles, I discovered tousled waves and became obsessed. If I had to describe it, I'd say it's something in between beach hair and bed hair. Fun and effortless.

So get ready to channel your inner Beyoncé and look like you "woke up like this" because on today's post, I'll be sharing you how I get my everyday tousled waves! Simply follow the three easy steps below.

Bit first, you’ll need:

Step 1: Prep + Section

Spray heat protectant all over your hair and section it. Start curling from the bottom section and work your way up.

Tip: Day-two hair is usually the best to work with because it holds your curls better!


Step 2: Wrap + Wave

Wrap each section of your hair with a curling wand for 10-15 seconds to create waves.

Tip: Don’t leave it on for too long to avoid stiff-looking curls


Step 3: Shake + Shape

Use your fingers and shake your hair from the roots. This technique will separate and loosen your waves for that effortless, tousled look! Spray dry shampoo to add texture and sea salt spray to set the waves. Then, scrunch up parts of your hair to give it more shape.

Tip: Do an upside down hair flip to add more volume


Hair by Niki Nguyen