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June Gloom

Something about torn down walls, it opens new spaces.

For today’s outfit, I decided to visit the infamous Bates Motel. If you didn’t know by now, this building was formerly known as the Sunset Pacific Motel on Sunset Boulevard. It gained so much attention because the building turned white as a ghost. Locals like to call it the Bates Motel because of the creepy vibes it gives off. If you’ve seen the 1960’s classic, Psycho, then I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. French artist Vincent Lamouroux was responsible for this piece of art. He covered the whole building (including everything that surrounds it) with lime wash, which he calls Projection LA.

Just like this building, my dress is torn apart, but still looks put together in white.

Dress from Lex & Mila | T.U.K. Booties from Zooshoo

Photography by Virisa Yong