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Belle of the Ball

I wasn’t the type to take care of my skin because for 1) I didn’t see the need to 2) I was lazy 3) I never had any problems with my skin. However, this past year, I felt the need to take care of my skin because my face broke out more than ever! It was unusual to me because I never had to really do any routines because it never seemed necessary to me.

Honey Belle came into my life at the right time, all thanks to my long-time and best friend who started her vision for a natural, healthy beauty. All Honey Belle products are natural, pure and handcrafted with only the finest quality ingredients. I’ve seen her dedicate countless hours for her vision to come to life and I couldn’t be happier and proud of how far she has come.

So for today’s blog post, I want to present to you my #lifeofaBelle experience by sharing my morning and night routine, as well as my experience for each product:

Morning Routine

Step 1: Refresh

I wash my face with Tea Tree Lemongrass Foaming Facial Soap right when I get out of bed. The freshness of the scent never fails to wake me up in the morning! I wet my face with lukewarm water and lather one pump of the foaming soap in upward circular motions, then rinse with cold water. My face feels real soft and clean afterwards!

Step 2: Hydrate

I spray the Facial Tonic soon after, about 3 sprays to cover all areas of my face. My skin immediately feels refreshed and hydrated! It’s the effortless alternative to the harsher toners out there.

Step 3: Moisturize

I put a layer of the Day Crème to keep my face moisturized and protected from any damage or aging. I make sure to evenly spread it on my skin before I start putting my makeup on! I love consistency because it's non-greasy and works well underneath my daily makeup.

Step 4: Protect

I apply the “Kissable Lips” Lip Butter on my lips to keep it protected throughout the day! I wear lipstick everyday and it makes my lips dry, so the lip butter keeps my lips soft and smooth.

Step 5: Soothe

I lather the Lavender Chamomile Body Lotion on my skin to keep it silky! My favorite scent is the Lavender Chamomile because the scent is so soothing and relaxing; I can’t get enough of it! The consistency is light and east to wear on a hot or cold day.

Night Routine

Step 1: Cleanse

I use a cotton ball with the “Take it off!” Gentle Makeup Remover to wipe all my makeup off, and it removes any impurities without question. And of course, the product is all-natural so I don’t have a problem using it even in the inner corners of my eye (this is so necessary for me since I use waterproof eyeliner, and a lot of it!). Lastly, I wash my face with the Tea Tree Lemongrass Foaming Facial Soap.

Step 2: Detoxify

My favorite part of my night routine is the Matcha Mint Masque because I love how it exfoliates and detoxifies my skin! I love anything matcha so it made me love this product even more. Who knew matcha can taste good AND be good for your skin?! Anyways, I store it in the fridge so the cold temperature and minty sensation goes hand in hand. I rinse with lukewarm water and it leaves my skin feeling completely nourished.

Step 3: Restore

I put a layer of the Night Crème to moisturize and restore my skin from any damages. I especially love the scent on this crème because it has a light floral smell that’s very refreshing!

Step 4: Relieve

I apply the Acne Relief to remove any pimples and/or blemishes! Although it doesn’t immediately remove acne, it reduces any kind of inflammation overnight. It usually takes a couple days or so to remove my pimples, but it definitely works for my skin! Note that I normally have dry skin with an oily T-zone.

Step 5: Pamper

Last but not least, I massage the Mango Papaya Butter Bar all over my body to deeply moisturize my skin. My skin is really dry so I like to leave it on overnight to have buttery smooth skin the next day!

It's been a wonderful #lifeofaBelle experience so far, and I would love for you to join this journey with me!

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Til my next post!

xo, Pau