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Pau Dictado in Tulum

Wearing Free People Dress, Misa Tote, Chinese Laundry Slippers.

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For my birthday this year, I really wanted a tropical getaway and decided to go to Tulum, Mexico! I’ve always been so curious about this place and thought it was the perfect time to do so. About two hours away from the Cancun airport, you can find the Tulum beach strip alongside the Caribbean coast. It's a small road that runs the length of the beach where most places are easily accessible on foot or bicycle—something most hotels provide for rent! You will find yourself relaxing at spas, doing yoga in the mornings, enjoying the secluded beaches, and eating fresh local foods that Tulum has to offer. I'm seriously so obsessed with this place and I cannot stop raving about it to my friends, so I hope after reading this blog post, you will want to check it out for yourself with a few of my recommendations below!

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Pau Dictado in Tulum
Pau Dictado in Tulum

Wearing Free People Jumpsuit

Nomade Tulum

Oh my gosh, I don’t even know where to begin. This place was absolutely magical! The moment we arrived Nomade, we were greeted with a very welcoming staff and beautiful rustic interiors. We checked in to our Sea View Suite, which was facing the beautiful Carribean sea and only a few steps away from the ocean. Our private hut had its own outdoor hammock, an indoor bath, and air condition that made our stay very pleasant. Most importantly, there’s wi-fi in the hotel premises! Nomade Tulum is incredibly charming and aesthetically pleasing, and you will want to snap a photo literally anywhere you go.

Pau Dictado in Tulum
Pau Dictado in Tulum
Pau Dictado in Tulum

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Pau Dictado in Tulum

Macondo is a restaurant located at Nomade Tulum where they offer wholesome and holistic food. They also have a variety of vegan, gluten free and vegetarian options where they use local, organic, and sustainably farmed ingredients, something that I truly enjoyed. Everything tasted so fresh and delicious! 

Nomade provided complimentary breakfast during our stay and each meal included the following:

  • toasted bread and pastries with butter and jam (this was my absolute favorite and still crave it until this day)
  • fresh cut fruits with assorted nuts and yogurt
  • coffee and a variety of freshly squeezed juice
  • your choice of eggs, either poached, over easy, scrambled, or an omelette

Bread, pastries, yogurt, and freshly squeezed juices

Pau Dictado in Tulum
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Pau Dictado in Tulum

Poached eggs and an omelette

Taqueria La Eufemia

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Pau Dictado in Tulum

Taqueria La Eufemia offers great tacos at a reasonable price! It was only a 10-minute bike ride from our hotel so we went here for lunch, and we loved the chill vibes and amazing food they had to offer. I definitely recommend this place to all my fellow taco lovers out there!

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La Popular

located at Nomade Tulum

La Popular is also another restaurant you can find at Nomade Tulum where they offer a variety of seafood. It's a fish market-inspired beach restaurant that delivers fresh catches of the day, straight from the local fisherman's boat.

Pau Dictado in Tulum
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Pau Dictado in Tulum
Pau Dictado in Tulum
Pau Dictado in Tulum
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Kitchen Table

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Left: Diablito (Mezcal); Right: Tamarind Margarita (Tequila)

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Left: Crispy Shrimp; Right: Quesadilla

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Top: Pork Ribs; Bottom: Ahi Tuna Steak

For my birthday dinner, we went to Kitchen Table. It was about a 20-minute cab ride from our hotel since it was closer to downtown area. We went right when it opened and started with drinks, and I have to say they were amazing! I definitely found a new love for mezcals and margaritas on this trip. Each dish was so flavorful and delicious, one of the best meals I had here forsure. This place is a must if you're in Tulum, and be sure to make reservations if you do.

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La Zebra Restaurant + Bar

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The La Zebra Restaurant and Bar is located at La Zebra hotel, which another great spot for food and drinks by the beach! We ordered (more) tacos and I love how they were very flavorful and satisfying. We went here for a very late lunch and watched the sunset as we finished eating, and it was such a beautiful sight to see.

Pau Dictado in Tulum

Wearing Kendall & Kylie Swim Top + Bottom

Pau Dictado in Tulum

Wearing Jasmyn Eliza Top + Shorts

Pau Dictado in Tulum

Grand Cenote

Something that we were really looking forward to this trip was going to the Grand Cenote. The caves were absolutely beautiful and overall, it was an amazing experience to say the least. This is something you absolutely cannot miss when you’re in town! Also, beware of mosquito bites.

Pau Dictado in Tulum

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Coco Tulum

Pau Dictado in Tulum
Pau Dictado in Tulum

Another place that I was really excited to check out in Tulum was Coco. With barely enough time to spare (as we were on our way to the airport back home), we stopped by to check out this very aesthetically pleasing spot! Coco is a rustic-modern hotel where everything was covered in white paint. It’s the perfect place to chill by the bar and enjoy the beach front, and take amazing photos while you’re at it!  

Pau Dictado in Tulum
Pau Dictado in Tulum

Wearing White Fox Boutique Top + Bottom

This trip was all I wanted and more, and I couldn't have asked for a better way to ring in my 25th birthday. You've reached the end of my Tulum travel guide, and thank you for revisiting this amazing trip with me! I hope this leaves you inspired and wanting to book your next destination here. Tulum definitely does not disappoint and I cannot wait to go back soon! Leave any questions you may have in the comments below :)