Green With Envy

The seventies is definitely one of my favorite fashion eras. Everything from flare pants, wild flower prints, jumpsuits, tunics and platform shoes that add 5 inches to your height. Grooooovy.

This jumpsuit is just perfect for fall and I love how it reminds me of the seventies. It has a fitted waist and wide bottom flare, with a warm earthy tone of forest green. The 70’s jumpsuit trend was to put a wide belt to give you that foxy figure, but no need for that because this jumpsuit already has a corset that hugs your body gorgeously.

The sweetheart neckline gives you a voluptuous shape; you’ll leave the boys swooning. I wore my platforms from Public Desire because it just emphasizes the seventies vibe to it. I added my coin bib necklace because it adds a bohemian feel and a floppy hat to top off the look!

To Kill For Jumpsuit from Tobi / Coin Bib Necklace from Forever 21 / Woven Floppy Hat from H&M / Platforms from Public Desire

Peace and love, ya’ll.

xo, Pau

Photography: Allen Chen (@aybce)