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La Serena Villas

Located in Downtown Palm Springs, La Serena Villas is a Spanish colonial—style hotel bursting with charm and personality.

La Serena Villas is the perfect weekend getaway for those looking to relax and refresh in the desert.

A little history about the property.

La Serena Villas was originally established in 1933 and closed for demolition in 2002. The community came together and saved it from the wrecking ball after receiving Historic Status. The hotel reopened 2 months ago as a luxury boutique hotel with all the amenities found in a 5-star hotel.  An intimate bungalow style hotel nestled against the San Jacinto mountains.

Upon entering the lobby, I immediately fell in love with the décor. I was greeted with monochromatic interior and colorful accent pieces. The hotel exterior is dominated with whites and complimented with cool tones like grey and blue—something I truly appreciated because it helped me feel refreshed despite the 100-degree weather.

Our gorgeous bungalow had a swing so cute, it was asking for a photo op. Each room feature patios and free-standing tubs, which was perfect for a more private relaxation outdoors. I took this opportunity to a do rose bath-slash-concept shoot that resulted beautifully.

The hotel offers a complimentary breakfast basket for two that includes 2 croissant pastries (with jam and butter on the side), 2 yogurt cups, a banana, an apple, and a glass of OJ.

Whispers, the hotel spa, offers a list of services where you can unwind and let go of your daily pressures. Check out their spa menu here.

Azucar, the hotel restaurant & bar.

You and a few friends can walk or bike to Palm Canyon Drive, where you can find the best restaurants, boutiques and galleries that Palm Springs has to offer. The hotel has four bikes available to rent upon signing a waiver. 

I had such a wonderful staycation at La Serena Villas and will definitely come back soon!

Photography by Virisa Yong

Coachella Survival Style Kit

Coachella is less than a week away *cue panic attack* and we need to plan those outfits ASAP! I had a hard time preparing my outfits for my first Coachella (2014) because I had no idea what to expect, however, preparation gets better every year. Planning outfits can be stressful, but planning ahead of time and having an idea of what you’re looking for is definitely KEY. I’m sharing a few tips below on getting the proper outfits ready this festival season!

Desert vibes in creamy whites.

Don’t let the heat get to you, literally. My advice? Wear light colors to keep a fresh vibe. Try to avoid dark colors like black if you get hot easily, as black objects absorb all wavelengths of light and coverts them into heat, which makes you even hotter. I love creamy colors like ivory, sand, and khaki as it reminds me of the desert!

Tell me about it, stud.

It can be uncomfortable to wear heaps of accessories at the festival when you get hot and sweaty. My tip? Wear pieces that’s already accessorized so you don’t need to wear jewelry and the like. I’d go for lots of studs, as it gives a very edgy, rocker vibe to your look. It is a music festival after all!

Gone with the wind

You’ll want to wear something that’s breezy while rampaging in the desert heat. My pick? A tulle/sheer skirt! I love how the wind blows through the fabric, and how it flows while you're dancing! I don’t know about you, but It makes me want to groove all day long.

All chained up.

We all struggle on finding the “perfect” outfit, so much that we end up not finding anything even at our favorite retail stores! My solution? Pick a favorite basic piece in your closet and look for fun accessories to spice it all up. Instead on focusing so much on finding the perfect outfit, find something in your closet that you already like—something that fits you well, and most importantly, something that’s comfortable for you. Adding cool accessories, just like this leather harness skirt, makes a totally new outfit!


Photography by Virisa Yong

Desert Damsel

Embracing the summer heat, I’m definitely feeling the desert vibes.

This past Monday, I went on a bae-cation with a few of my girls to Palm Springs at The Amado. It was the best location for this outfit, as I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to shoot this tunic. Being in the desert, it was extremely hot for long sleeves but this tunic was loose and comfy enough to wear! Pylo never ceases to amaze me with their pieces~

As a cali girl myself and being so used to the scorching hot summa time, I’ve grown to love loose pieces like this tunic because it goes well with the warmer weather. Our skin needs some space to breathe, catch the breeze every chance it gets.

Tunic by Pylo / Shoes by Lamoda / Sunnies by zeroUV / Hat by American Apparel

Photography by Virisa Yong