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Dove's #SkipAWash Challenge

The past couple weeks have been crazy hectic: finishing work deadlines, spending time with family and attending holiday parties all in between. The list goes on. The holidays is a busy time and that’s why I’ve partnered with Dove and joined the Dove Hair #SkipAWash Challenge to keep my hair in perfect shape while jumping between all the madness! I’m actually an avid user of dry shampoo for a couple of reasons: it helps you save time AND keeps your hair in good shape.

Washing your hair means having to dry it out and style to finish, which may take up to an hour. Now, I say #SkipAWash and instantly refresh your day two hair by spraying Dove Dry Shampoo onto your roots! The weightless formula of the new Detox + Purify line removes oil and leaves no residue, which leaves your hair feeling nice and cleansed. Now all you have to worry about before heading out is your make-up and outfit, and you’re good to go!

For extremely processed hair like mine, one of my hair secrets is skipping not only two—but a few days of washing my hair. My hair has been bleached numerous times to maintain its silver color. It is extremely fragile and dry so I try to be as gentle with it as possible. All that tugging, pulling and heat from styling may do more damage to your hair. And that’s where the Dove Dry Shampoo comes to the rescue! It not only refreshes, but it also revives by adding volume to limp and weighed down hair. With minimal effort needed, you can have beautiful hair in seconds!

With just moments away from New Year’s Eve, I’m challenging you to join the Dove Hair #SkipAWash Challenge with me! Are you in?