Maxed Out

Tis the season to bust out all the maxis in your closet! This number came in right on time: monochromatic palette, floral pattern, low cut, bare back, high slits with shorts in-seamed?! Sounds like the perfect maxi to me! What makes it more amazing than it already is: it flatters my petite body. Itโ€™s a struggle to find the right maxi for petite girls like me. Some fit extremely awkward with no body form whatsoever, but not this one! Thatโ€™s probably why Iโ€™m so obsessed with it. You can even get away wearing it at night because of the dark color way.

Dress from Loneluster | Bracelet from Maison De Morgana and Peach Me LA | Shoes from Zoohsoo

Photography by Addam Rodriguez