That 70's Show

Three words: Thigh. High. Boots. Need I say more? They make me feel like I stepped out of the 70's. Instead of the vibrant white patents that was a trend back in the 70's, I'm rocking black suedes. You can amp up any look with these babies. Even though it's faux, it's super soft and dreamy. And the best part, it fits like a glove. It doesn't have that awkward loose and slouchy fit like the other ones I've seen. With a knitted Bodycon dress, it's easily my day-to-night get up. It’s a versatile must-have. And of course, a statement necklace to put it all together. Til next time!

xo, Pau

Black Ghetto Superstar Thigh High Boots from Lamoda / Turtleneck Ribbed Bodycon Dress from Goldsoul / Versaille Bib Necklace from Sparkles & Pop

Photography by Allen Chen (@aybce)