2019 Intentions
2019 Intentions Pau Dictado

Reflecting on 2018. Oh man, where do I begin? It was a great year for my career but I struggled a lot internally. I was too hard on myself, doubted myself a lot and lost self-confidence at one point. But through my struggles I found faith, strength and most importantly, I found myself again. I cried a lot, laughed a lot, and loved a lot. I’m so thankful for the past year, for all its lessons and blessings. Now I can honestly say that I’m coming into the new year with so much light and joy, and I cannot wait to see where it takes me!

2019 Intentions Pau Dictado
2019 Intentions Pau Dictado

I took some time over the holidays to reflect and reconnect with myself so that I can set my intentions for the new year. I love this time of year because it gives us a blank canvas to start over, where we can draw and paint to whatever our heart’s desire. I prefer setting Intentions than goals because intentions align us with our purpose, while goals pressure us to have an external outcome. It’s important to set intentions for the new year because it helps to keep you focused, prioritize what's most important and start making transformations from within. So in today’s blog post, I’m sharing with you my intentions for the new year!

2019 Intentions Pau Dictado
2019 Intentions Pau Dictado


1.     New adventures

I traveled to so many places in 2018 but decided to buckle down the past few months because of my big move plus the holidays. But now, I’m ready to travel again and making it a goal to travel at least once a month in attempt to venture out and get inspired. I’m currently listing all local, domestic and international destinations and already have a few trips in mind! If you have any recommendations and would like to share your favorite destinations, I’d love to hear them on the comments section below!

2.     Read more

I always try to make this a goal every year but never really made the effort to stick with it. This year it’s all about less screen time and more reading time. I’m making it a goal to read a book at least once a month! If you have any recommendations and would like to share your favorite books, I’d love to hear on the comments section below!

3.     Start journaling

This is also something I’ve been wanting to do but never made the time. This year I’m making it a goal to write everything down. From ideas to feelings, to-do lists to recipes, you name it! I religiously write to-do lists everyday on my planner, but I want to go in deeper and write literally everything that goes on in my head in attempt to fully express myself more and have a more clear, peaceful mind.

4.     Put my name on it

I’ve always dreamed about creating my own product. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always loved designing (I dreamt about being a fashion designer) and creating something of my own (I’ve always been the artsy type!). I’m making it a goal this year to be more proactive in terms of creating something tangible, and some of my ideas include (but not limited to): creating a capsule clothing line, a lipstick shade, staple black boots, or even my own hair color shade?! It excites me just thinking about it!

5.     More self-love

This applies to all aspects of my life: career, relationships, and well-being. I’m making it a priority to not compare myself to others and to forgive myself more when it comes to my job; I’m only choosing loving relationships and filtering out toxic ones (‘cause let’s face it, no one’s got time for that!); and making sure I workout 3-4x a week and eat clean with necessary cheat days, because I deserve to be the best version of myself without overdoing it. This year, I’m lovingly choosing myself.

6.     Help the environment

This year I’ll be making an effort to learn more about creating a sustainable lifestyle and making it a goal to work with more sustainable brands. I’ve already made to switch from plastic items to reusable materials, but I want to continue by supporting sustainable clothing and clean beauty—choosing sustainability whenever I can. I plan to choose more investment, quality pieces in my home and closet. It’s going to be a process, but this is the year where I’m going to take the necessary steps to help the environment.

Today, I encourage you to make a list of your intentions for the new year.  It’s never too late to reflect and reconnect with yourself—your purpose. Write it down and share it with someone close to you, someone you know who will support you and will help keep you focused throughout the year! Writing down and sharing my intentions excites me so much for the new year—it gives me something to look forward to and work towards to, and I hope it inspires you to do the same :)

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Hair Care Routine

I get A TON of questions on how I take care of my hair since I get it done so often. My hair has gone through a lot and I really try to make sure I take care of it. Hence, I’m always searching and trying products new products for my hair in the hopes of finding what actually works for me. And in todays blog post, I’ll be sharing a step-by-step of my current hair care routine: what’s been helping my hair to combat damage and breakage.

Pau Dictado Hair Care Routine.jpeg

Here are the steps:


Look for a shampoo and conditioner that both strengthens and moisturizes hair

Matrix Total Results The Re-bond 3-Step System

I’ve been using Matrix Total Results The Rebond 3-Step System Shampoo, Pre-Conditioner and Conditioner for the past 6 months now and it has helped my damaged hair tremendously! This line not only repairs damaged hair but it also brings it back to life by making it stronger and smoother. What I love about this 3-step routine is the extra step of pre-conditioner—I find that it really helped moisturize my extremely dry and damaged hair. The shampoo cleanses build up without striping out the color of your hair, then the pre-conditioner builds resilience and shine, and lastly, the conditioner seals in moisture and protects the hair from inside-out! It’s perfect for anyone who colors or chemically treats their hair.


Look for leave-in treatments that will help with damage/breakage.

Matrix Oil Wonders Indian Amla

I always apply an oil treatment after washing my hair to prevent it from getting dry and damaged! I’ve been using the Matrix Oil Wonders Indian Amla Strengthening Oil and I just really love how my hair feels so soft and healthy after applying it. This product is formulated with Indian Amla Oil that renews fragile weakened hair and restores its strength. It smells amazing too!


Look for a heat protectant spray to avoid heat/styling damage

Matrix Stylelink Heat Buffer

I make sure to apply a heat protectant spray on my damp or towel dried hair before I start styling. Lately I’ve been using the Style Link Heat Buffer Styling Spray by matrix! It has a lightweight, fine mist formula that can be applied to dry or damp hair (I prefer damp). It leaves my hair feeling less damaged and feeling smooth and shiny!


I find this step-by-step process very helpful especially with overly processed hair! I tend to switch things up every now and then since I love discovering new products, but I use this step-by-step process as a foundation on how I look for new products to try. It’s so important to really know how to take care of your hair and find products that work best for you. I hope you that you find this hair care routine helpful, and I’ll keep you updated when this routine changes.

This post is in partnership with Matrix, but all opinions are my own!


Smoky Eyes + Nude Lip

It’s time to switch things up! I love warm and copper tones but I’ve been playing around with mattes and neutral tones lately. I’m all about a good balanced look and nothing could be more perfect than a good smoky eye and nude lip combo. This look is also perfect on my on-the-go days where I can create a day-to-night look: starting the day with a lighter smoky eye that’s more appropriate for everyday, then I add darker shades for a bolder look (for when I have dinner plans or a night out with friends). I’ve been really into this look lately and I wanted to share with you the products I used. If you’d like to recreate this look, I linked all the products below!

Spring Stripes
Pau Dictado-Spring Stripes
Pau Dictado-Spring Stripes
Pau Dictado-Spring Stripes
Pau Dictado-Spring Stripes
Pau Dictado-Spring Stripes
Pau Dictado-Spring Stripes
Pau Dictado-Spring Stripes
Pau Dictado-Spring Stripes
Pau Dictado-Spring Stripes

Thanks to daylight savings this past weekend, I was inspired to style my first spring look of the season. I love stripes because they’re the most versatile print out there that can spice up your look. You rarely see me in color but I thought this top was too cute to pass up!

I always try to opt for vertical stripes because it elongates the body and makes it look slimmer. Something that petite girls like me have to consider! I got this bustier top from N12H and I adore the ruffle and crochet detail—I think that the colors and details are perfect for spring! I wanted the top to really stand out in this look, so I paired it with a black hat and jeans. I'm wearing my newest straw tote that I found I Bali (I'm kinda obsessed), and my new favorite Gucci sunnies from the early 2000's that I stole from my dearest momma (yasss, I got my sense of style from her). I hope you liked this look - you can shop similar pieces below!

Wellness Intentions for 2018
Pau Dictado Wellness Intentions

Coming into the new year, I made a commitment to myself to practice self love more.  And I knew that loving myself meant taking better care of myself. In order to do so, I’ve set a couple intentions to keep throughout the year:

Have a healthy mind AND body.

In my attempt to have a healthier mind and body, I’ve decided to start practicing yoga. I always thought that I needed to do high intensity workouts when it comes to being active and healthy, and never thought that I would enjoy yoga. However, after hearing first-hand experiences from a few girlfriends, I thought I should give it a try. I recently started my membership at Core Power Yoga and have been loving it so far! I’ve been trying to go 3-4 times a week (mostly in the mornings) and I can honestly say that it’s helped a lot with my mood and productivity as well as my mental health and awareness. I feel more calm and stress-free, and also feel more mindful of my time and surroundings. Core Power Yoga offers different types of classes but I have been loving their yoga sculpt classes because it includes cardio and weights (yes, you heard that right!). If you're interested in checking them out, you can sign up for a free 7-day trial here. On my lighter weeks, I also try to go to the gym at least once or twice to do cardio and heavier weights.


Always remember: It's not about how you look, it's how YOU feel about yourself.

Pau Dictado Wellness Intentions

We all get motivated in the beginning of the year but it’s so easy to get side tracked, especially with our busy lives. But once you treat your workout as more of a habit than a chore, it gets a lot easier to be more consistent with it. Simply put, avoid all excuses and make your health a priority!

Keep a healthy, non-strict diet.

A few months ago, I found myself feeling more sluggish than usual and even got sick a couple times. I took it as a sign and started making healthier choices when it comes to what I eat. I started cooking healthier meals at home and have been incorporating more fruits and veggies in my diet. After a couple months, I started shedding a few pounds even though I wasn’t working out! I have been replacing white rice with brown rice, quinoa or greens, and I have been trying to avoid refined sugars. Note: this is my secret to getting those abs pop out!

Don’t get me wrong, this was such a HUGE challenge for me because I’ve always been surrounded by dishes that come with rice, and I have THE biggest sweet tooth ever. But since I crave healthy food when I workout, it got easier over time. It also helps a lot when you make yourself food at home.

Remind yourself that HEALTHY is better than SKINNY.

Pau Dictado Wellness Intentions
Pau Dictado Wellness Intentions

My biggest advice to you is to find out what works best for you and your body. Crazy strict diets are not always the solution, and I’m not planning on doing one anytime soon. I just try to make sure that I maintain a healthy diet by including fruits and veggies in my meals, and then I treat the weekends as my cheat days where I can indulge with friends and loved ones. With that being said, I’ve been able to keep a healthy weight and still live my best life. It’s really all about balance, and my goal is to simply feel good inside-out (without sacrificing too much).

Pau Dictado Wellness Intentions

That’s all I have to share for now! I will try to keep you updated on my wellness journey as time goes by, and I do hope that this post will inspire you to make better and healthier choices for yourself. You can shop a few of my current favorite workout essentials below:

Photography by KSOLE

Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach
Pau Dictado Alohilani Waikiki

It has been 8 years since I visited Oahu and I couldn’t have started this trip any better by checking into Alohilani. Located in the heart of Waikiki, the all-new Alohilani is an oasis of tranquility. The welcoming staff, relaxing vibe and elevated experience will sure to make your stay a very pleasant one. Keep scrolling as I give you a sneak peek at aloha chic.

Pau Dictado Alohilani Waikiki

A little history about the property:

Alohilani is proudly named in honor of Queen Lili‘uokalani, the last reigning monarch of the Hawaiian Kingdom. She was a music composer, an author, an ardent supporter of her culture, and loved by her people so dearly. To welcome a fresh perspective on resorts in Waikiki, her spirit is infused into the property just like her beachside home Ke‘alohilani, which means royal brightness.

Pau Dictado Alohilani Waikiki

The amazing view of the diamond head greeted me as I stepped into my room, and I immediately walked to my balcony to take a moment and enjoy it. I had a great view of the city; seeing all the hustle and bustle of the streets right in front of me, and the waves crashing in the ocean just right across it. The décor is minimal and features vibrant artwork in every room. It was very spacious and I loved how natural light filled the room thanks to the sliding glass doors to my balcony. I have to say that my experience was very comfortable and pleasant overall.

Pau Dictado Alohilani Waikiki
Pau Dictado Alohilani Waikiki
Pau Dictado Alohilani Waikiki
Pau Dictado Alohilani Waikiki
Pau Dictado Alohilani Waikiki

With just steps away from the beach, Alohilani is in nearby many hot spots in Waikiki. It was only about 10-15 minutes away to shopping centers like Ala Moana, and about 20 minutes away from Chinatown Market. There’s numerous options for great restaurants around the area and one of my favorites, Musubi Café, is just around the corner!

Pau Dictado Alohilani Waikiki
Pau Dictado Alohilani Waikiki

Note that they offer complimentary breakfast buffet during your stay! 

Pau Dictado Alohilani Waikiki
Pau Dictado Alohilani Waikiki

Alohilani features a stunning infinity pool where you can watch the most amazing view of the sunset. They also have two bars (O Bar is located by the lobby and Swell is by the pool), a restaurant (Lychee) and two more restaurants opening soon, a casual ramen spot and signature dining experience by Renowned Chef Morimoto.

Pau Dictado Alohilani Waikiki
Pau Dictado Alohilani Waikiki
Pau Dictado Alohilani Waikiki

I can’t thank Alohilani enough for such a wonderful stay, and I hope to be back very soon!

Pau Dictado Alohilani Waikiki

Photography by KSOLE

Coppers + Reds

New Year's Eve is just around the corner and I'll be ringing in the new year in coppers and reds! I love these colors because they flatter pretty much every skin tone, and warms up the skin during the winter season. I've been playing around with my Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette and I love the variety of warm colors it has to offer. Each color is very creamy and pigmented that makes it so easy to work with! I paired it with the latest colourpop x iluvsarahii's ultra matte lip in softii and it's the perfect deep rose shade. I'm kinda obsessed with muted red colors because they flatter my skin really well.

I hope you like this makeup look! And if you wanna recreate this look for yourself, I listed all the details with direct links below :)

What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch
Pau Dictado: What To Wear To Brunch

Brunching is my favorite part of the weekend. It gives me an excuse to dress up and catch up with loved ones! When dressing for brunch, I make sure I have these 3 key pieces to my look:

Retro Sunnies

The number one essential! I can never go without it because first of all, it’s always sunny here in SoCal. Secondly, accessories can add so much to an outfit. I like retro styles because they give more of a laid-back vibe, perfect for brunch!

Statement sleeves

Let’s be real, Sunday brunch is the best time for a photo op! Your upper body is what shows more since you’re sitting at brunch most of the time, so I like wearing pieces that are dressier on top.  I always go for statement sleeves because it gives off a dressy casual vibe.

Platform Shoes

If you’re petite like me, I always try to add a little height by wearing heels! However, since I’m going a more casual vibe for brunch, I opt for platforms. They’re more comfortable than wearing heels, and it makes the look more effortless!

I live in Los Angeles and although it’s starting to get cold here, most days are still warm and sunny. You can adjust accordingly by adding a coat if it’s colder where you live! I hope this post  gives you some inspiration in putting together your next brunch outfit.

Get the look below:

Tulum Travel Guide
Pau Dictado in Tulum

Wearing Free People Dress, Misa Tote, Chinese Laundry Slippers.

Pau Dictado in Tulum-14.jpg

For my birthday this year, I really wanted a tropical getaway and decided to go to Tulum, Mexico! I’ve always been so curious about this place and thought it was the perfect time to do so. About two hours away from the Cancun airport, you can find the Tulum beach strip alongside the Caribbean coast. It's a small road that runs the length of the beach where most places are easily accessible on foot or bicycle—something most hotels provide for rent! You will find yourself relaxing at spas, doing yoga in the mornings, enjoying the secluded beaches, and eating fresh local foods that Tulum has to offer. I'm seriously so obsessed with this place and I cannot stop raving about it to my friends, so I hope after reading this blog post, you will want to check it out for yourself with a few of my recommendations below!

Pau Dictado in Tulum-1.jpg
Pau Dictado in Tulum-7.jpg
Pau Dictado in Tulum
Pau Dictado in Tulum

Wearing Free People Jumpsuit

Nomade Tulum

Oh my gosh, I don’t even know where to begin. This place was absolutely magical! The moment we arrived Nomade, we were greeted with a very welcoming staff and beautiful rustic interiors. We checked in to our Sea View Suite, which was facing the beautiful Carribean sea and only a few steps away from the ocean. Our private hut had its own outdoor hammock, an indoor bath, and air condition that made our stay very pleasant. Most importantly, there’s wi-fi in the hotel premises! Nomade Tulum is incredibly charming and aesthetically pleasing, and you will want to snap a photo literally anywhere you go.

Pau Dictado in Tulum
Pau Dictado in Tulum
Pau Dictado in Tulum

Wearing Indah Clothing Swim Set

Pau Dictado in Tulum-17.jpg


Pau Dictado in Tulum

Macondo is a restaurant located at Nomade Tulum where they offer wholesome and holistic food. They also have a variety of vegan, gluten free and vegetarian options where they use local, organic, and sustainably farmed ingredients, something that I truly enjoyed. Everything tasted so fresh and delicious! 

Nomade provided complimentary breakfast during our stay and each meal included the following:

  • toasted bread and pastries with butter and jam (this was my absolute favorite and still crave it until this day)
  • fresh cut fruits with assorted nuts and yogurt
  • coffee and a variety of freshly squeezed juice
  • your choice of eggs, either poached, over easy, scrambled, or an omelette

Bread, pastries, yogurt, and freshly squeezed juices

Pau Dictado in Tulum
Pau Dictado in Tulum-9.jpg
Pau Dictado in Tulum

Poached eggs and an omelette

Taqueria La Eufemia

Pau Dictado in Tulum-3.jpg
Pau Dictado in Tulum

Taqueria La Eufemia offers great tacos at a reasonable price! It was only a 10-minute bike ride from our hotel so we went here for lunch, and we loved the chill vibes and amazing food they had to offer. I definitely recommend this place to all my fellow taco lovers out there!

Pau Dictado in Tulum-4.jpg
Pau Dictado in Tulum-5.jpg

La Popular

located at Nomade Tulum

La Popular is also another restaurant you can find at Nomade Tulum where they offer a variety of seafood. It's a fish market-inspired beach restaurant that delivers fresh catches of the day, straight from the local fisherman's boat.

Pau Dictado in Tulum
Pau Dictado in Tulum-6.jpg
Pau Dictado in Tulum
Pau Dictado in Tulum
Pau Dictado in Tulum
Pau Dictado in Tulum-10.jpg

Kitchen Table

Pau Dictado in Tulum-11.jpg

Left: Diablito (Mezcal); Right: Tamarind Margarita (Tequila)

Pau Dictado in Tulum-12.jpg

Left: Crispy Shrimp; Right: Quesadilla

Pau Dictado in Tulum-13.jpg

Top: Pork Ribs; Bottom: Ahi Tuna Steak

For my birthday dinner, we went to Kitchen Table. It was about a 20-minute cab ride from our hotel since it was closer to downtown area. We went right when it opened and started with drinks, and I have to say they were amazing! I definitely found a new love for mezcals and margaritas on this trip. Each dish was so flavorful and delicious, one of the best meals I had here forsure. This place is a must if you're in Tulum, and be sure to make reservations if you do.

Pau Dictado in Tulum-15.jpg

La Zebra Restaurant + Bar

Pau Dictado in Tulum-16.jpg

The La Zebra Restaurant and Bar is located at La Zebra hotel, which another great spot for food and drinks by the beach! We ordered (more) tacos and I love how they were very flavorful and satisfying. We went here for a very late lunch and watched the sunset as we finished eating, and it was such a beautiful sight to see.

Pau Dictado in Tulum

Wearing Kendall & Kylie Swim Top + Bottom

Pau Dictado in Tulum

Wearing Jasmyn Eliza Top + Shorts

Pau Dictado in Tulum

Grand Cenote

Something that we were really looking forward to this trip was going to the Grand Cenote. The caves were absolutely beautiful and overall, it was an amazing experience to say the least. This is something you absolutely cannot miss when you’re in town! Also, beware of mosquito bites.

Pau Dictado in Tulum

Wearing Shelly Belle Crochet Top + Shorts

Coco Tulum

Pau Dictado in Tulum
Pau Dictado in Tulum

Another place that I was really excited to check out in Tulum was Coco. With barely enough time to spare (as we were on our way to the airport back home), we stopped by to check out this very aesthetically pleasing spot! Coco is a rustic-modern hotel where everything was covered in white paint. It’s the perfect place to chill by the bar and enjoy the beach front, and take amazing photos while you’re at it!  

Pau Dictado in Tulum
Pau Dictado in Tulum

Wearing White Fox Boutique Top + Bottom

This trip was all I wanted and more, and I couldn't have asked for a better way to ring in my 25th birthday. You've reached the end of my Tulum travel guide, and thank you for revisiting this amazing trip with me! I hope this leaves you inspired and wanting to book your next destination here. Tulum definitely does not disappoint and I cannot wait to go back soon! Leave any questions you may have in the comments below :)

Sweater Weather
Lovers and Friends Sweater Revolve
Lovers and Friends Sweater Revolve
Lovers and Friends Sweater Revolve
Lovers and Friends Sweater Revolve
Lovers and Friends Sweater Revolve
Lovers and Friends Sweater Revolve
Lovers and Friends Sweater Revolve
Lovers and Friends Sweater Revolve

Now that fall is officially here, sweater weather is upon us! We’ve been having chilly mornings and nights in LA, but some days are still warmer than others. However, I can’t help but get excited to shop and wear knits this season! I recently found this distressed sweater by Lovers + Friends at Revolve and I just had to get it. I’m obsessed with the slashed details because it gives just enough edge to the look. I paired it with my favorite leather skirt by I.AM.GIA to mix both soft and tough elements together. Unfortunately, this ivory color is sold out but it's available in black here.

Also, check out other sweater styles by Lovers + Friends below:

Photography by Virisa Yong

Mixed Metals

I usually never mix my metals, but this jacket just gave me a whole new perspective! As long as you keep the look monochromatic, the result will be très chic. One of my favorite styling tips is adding statement pieces to comfortable basics. It’s the easiest way to elevate your look! This AS by DF statement jacket is light enough for the hot summer days, and can also keep you covered (literally) when it gets cold at night. The metal discs are hand-stitched to perfection, and the mixed hardware makes it even more fun.

AS by DF Jacket / Raye Heels

Photography by Virisa Yong

La Serena Villas

Located in Downtown Palm Springs, La Serena Villas is a Spanish colonial—style hotel bursting with charm and personality.

La Serena Villas is the perfect weekend getaway for those looking to relax and refresh in the desert.

A little history about the property.

La Serena Villas was originally established in 1933 and closed for demolition in 2002. The community came together and saved it from the wrecking ball after receiving Historic Status. The hotel reopened 2 months ago as a luxury boutique hotel with all the amenities found in a 5-star hotel.  An intimate bungalow style hotel nestled against the San Jacinto mountains.

Upon entering the lobby, I immediately fell in love with the décor. I was greeted with monochromatic interior and colorful accent pieces. The hotel exterior is dominated with whites and complimented with cool tones like grey and blue—something I truly appreciated because it helped me feel refreshed despite the 100-degree weather.

Our gorgeous bungalow had a swing so cute, it was asking for a photo op. Each room feature patios and free-standing tubs, which was perfect for a more private relaxation outdoors. I took this opportunity to a do rose bath-slash-concept shoot that resulted beautifully.

The hotel offers a complimentary breakfast basket for two that includes 2 croissant pastries (with jam and butter on the side), 2 yogurt cups, a banana, an apple, and a glass of OJ.

Whispers, the hotel spa, offers a list of services where you can unwind and let go of your daily pressures. Check out their spa menu here.

Azucar, the hotel restaurant & bar.

You and a few friends can walk or bike to Palm Canyon Drive, where you can find the best restaurants, boutiques and galleries that Palm Springs has to offer. The hotel has four bikes available to rent upon signing a waiver. 

I had such a wonderful staycation at La Serena Villas and will definitely come back soon!

Photography by Virisa Yong

Flouncy Frills

Who isn’t obsessed with frills this season? They’re so fun and fresh, no one can resist. It instantly gives a flirtatious vibe, which is perfect for spring time.

“The more the merrier,” as they say, this Storets piece has it all: flouncy frills with striped details and tiered design. The skirt is a statement itself. I decided to match it with a lace bralette to mix it up for a night out, but you can also match it with a plain tee on your casual days. See more fun options below!

Photography by Virisa Yong

I like big tees and I cannot lie

Zara Tee / One Teaspoon Jacket / B-low The Belt / Pretty Little Thing Skirt / Dear Frances Boots


I'm currently obsessed over printed tees with a vintage feel. I've been really drawn to that worn-out look, whether it's acid washed, distressed, or slouchy. I either shop at the men’s section or get a medium (or even a large) size at the women’s section. I always go for an oversized look because I like to get comfortable on most days, especially with the summer weather starting to creep in. I found this tee at Zara and fell in love—it pretty much has all the details said above, and the best part is, it’s Power Rangers! Totally giving me all the 90’s vibe. I’m sharing some of my favorite t-shirt styles below:

Photography by Virisa Yong

Coachella Survival Style Kit

Coachella is less than a week away *cue panic attack* and we need to plan those outfits ASAP! I had a hard time preparing my outfits for my first Coachella (2014) because I had no idea what to expect, however, preparation gets better every year. Planning outfits can be stressful, but planning ahead of time and having an idea of what you’re looking for is definitely KEY. I’m sharing a few tips below on getting the proper outfits ready this festival season!

Desert vibes in creamy whites.

Don’t let the heat get to you, literally. My advice? Wear light colors to keep a fresh vibe. Try to avoid dark colors like black if you get hot easily, as black objects absorb all wavelengths of light and coverts them into heat, which makes you even hotter. I love creamy colors like ivory, sand, and khaki as it reminds me of the desert!

Tell me about it, stud.

It can be uncomfortable to wear heaps of accessories at the festival when you get hot and sweaty. My tip? Wear pieces that’s already accessorized so you don’t need to wear jewelry and the like. I’d go for lots of studs, as it gives a very edgy, rocker vibe to your look. It is a music festival after all!

Gone with the wind

You’ll want to wear something that’s breezy while rampaging in the desert heat. My pick? A tulle/sheer skirt! I love how the wind blows through the fabric, and how it flows while you're dancing! I don’t know about you, but It makes me want to groove all day long.

All chained up.

We all struggle on finding the “perfect” outfit, so much that we end up not finding anything even at our favorite retail stores! My solution? Pick a favorite basic piece in your closet and look for fun accessories to spice it all up. Instead on focusing so much on finding the perfect outfit, find something in your closet that you already like—something that fits you well, and most importantly, something that’s comfortable for you. Adding cool accessories, just like this leather harness skirt, makes a totally new outfit!


Photography by Virisa Yong

Spring Staples with Marks & Spencer
M&S Belted Trench with Stormwear
M&S Belted Trench with Stormwear
M&S Belted Trench with Stormwear
M&S Ring Body Bag and Studded Sandals
M&S Jumper and Culottes
M&S Jumper and Culottes
M&S Jumper and Culottes
M&S Ring Body Bag and Studded Sandals
M&S Ring Body Bag and Studded Sandals
M&S Jumper and Ring Body Bag

Now that Spring has sprung, it’s time to add new staple accessories into my wardrobe. My favorite spring trend would have to be silver hardware, from minimal accents to intricate detailing. I’ve been seeing this trend non-stop, from fashion runways to magazine editorials, and I’ve become obsessed! I love how even the simplest design and pattern can add so much to your look. What I’ve been really loving are circular designs, which adds the perfect amount of sophistication to just about any outfit.

I vote for minimal yet functional bags this season. My advice? Go for classic colors, just like this black Marks & Spencer mini tote. It’s just the right size to frolic during the daytime and into the night. It came at the right time as I’ve been on the search for a bag that’s structured but flexible, and this tote just does that. I can fit all my essentials—even my camera and make-up bag on my busy days, and I can simply match it with a LBD on a night out. For this ensemble, I’m going for city chic. You can find me strolling through downtown this season in a classic trench coat, a knit top, and trusty culottes for that effortless yet sophisticated look.

The studded sandals make the perfect statement piece for its fun and edgy vibe. I love the combination of the minimal straps filled with silver studs, which you’re sure to turn heads with! The minimal yet intricate design makes it versatile to wear—you can rock it with either solid colors or bold prints. I just love how these Marks & Spencer sandals give this look an unexpected twist! Another favorite of mine is matching it with either florals or frills to add a bit of toughness to the whole look.

What are your favorite staple accessories this season? I would love to hear your thoughts! Please comment them down below.

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My Lasik Experience with IQ Laser Vision

As you may know, I had my Lasik procedure by Dr. Robert Lin of IQ Laser Vision exactly a month ago. This post is dedicated to share with you my experience, the whole process, and how it changed my life for the better.

My career as a fashion blogger + digital influencer requires me to always be on-the-go, whether it’s driving from meetings to events, or traveling from different states and countries. Most of the time my eyes get dry in the middle of the day or during my flight because of my contact lenses, and honestly, I hated dealing with them. Things that annoyed me the most are: forgetting to take them off after an exhausting day (or after a fun night), dryness that caused headaches, and occasional eye irritations. I've shared my frustrations with a couple friends and they recommended Lasik, saying that it was the best investment they had ever made. It all sounded so promising, so I started asking around and did a little research.

So, what is Lasik? Lasik is a surgical procedure that uses a laser to correct your eye sight, whether it be nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. It reshapes the cornea to allow light entering the eye to be properly focused onto the retina for clearer vision. I explained the procedure more into detail below.

I knew about IQ Laser Vision because one of my best friends used to work for them and got the procedure herself. I went in for a consultation because I wanted to see what my options were. What a lot of people don't know even before getting this procedure is that you must be a good candidate for vision correction, so it's important to get a consultation and run some tests. After my initial consultation, I was told that I'm eligible for the Lasik procedure and I was so happy to hear such good news. The idea of having 20/20 vision made me extremely ecstatic! Next thing I knew, I had scheduled my dilation exam to run more tests and make sure I was ready for the procedure.

The Lasik procedure itself was very short and was less daunting than I expected. Several people asked me if I was nervous, but I couldn't wait to get it over with! The procedure took about 10 minutes total, spending about 5 minutes on each eye. Dr. Lin explains to you the process step-by-step, before starting and even during the procedure. Dr. Lin and the rest of the staff made sure I knew every detail of the procedure and reassured me every step of the way--from running the tests and answering my every question. This made me really trust them and made me feel comfortable all through out.

Before the procedure, the staff gave me detailed instructions for post-procedure care. They went over it with me a few times to make sure that I understood. I was also given the necessary medicine and eye drops to use.

During the procedure, the laser is used to create a thin, circular flap in the cornea. Dr. Lin opened the flap and the laser reshapes the cornea. In my case, my cornea was flattened to fix my nearsightedness, and then the flap is laid back in place right after. Dr. Lin put numbing drops before he performed the procedure while your eyes are held open and see everything happen. I know it might sound scary, but you don't feel anything at all! It's over before you know it. The staff told me that it's important to sleep immediately after the procedure to allow your cornea to heal itself naturally. It's also important to have someone drive you home and check up on you for the next few hours.

Why I Recommend It

IQ Laser Vision has an amazing staff that genuinely cares for your well-being. They also offer a financing option, which makes it great for some of you that are not able pay the full amount right away and would like to pay over time. If you're interested, I recommend scheduling a consultation to check out your options. The best part is, It's free! I'm so glad I did Lasik, and it is definitely life-changing. I love waking up in the morning not having to worry about my glasses or contact lenses, and being able to do my daily activities without any worry.

For After Care, I was instructed to do the following for two weeks:

  • Do not touch or rub your eyes
  • Do not wear ANY eye makeup (or anything that can cause infections/irritation)
  • Do not let anything get inside your eyes, like running water while washing your face, or sweat while working out.
  • Wear eye mask while you sleep to protect the eyes
  • Use lubricant drops every hour (essential for the healing process)
  • Use antibiotic drops every hour (for the first 24 hours) and every hour the rest of the days until you finish the bottle

If you have any questions at all, please comment them down below!

Ramy Brook Blazer + Pants / Zara Top / Marks & Spencer Bag + Shoes

Photography by Virisa Yong

Sporty but Fluffy

Here’s yet another look with the track pants trend! But this time, we’re going with an all-sporty look with a touch of blush. What I like about these pants is the one-liner on the side and cuffed bottoms, compared to my adidas pair that has three lines and zipped sides. I paired it with my beanie for a cozier look, and my new Daniel Patrick high top roamers to elongate my body and accentuate the cuffs. Lastly, I thought it was fun to add this fluffy blush cropped sweater for that feminine touch. Get the look below:

Photography by Virisa Yong

NYFW Highlights with Bumble and Bumble

This past NYFW, I had the opportunity to work with Bumble and Bumble to give you backstage and front row looks on a few amazing shows! Keep scrolling down as I give you styling tricks from the experts, telling us how we can recreate some NYFW hairstyles this season.


Tanya Taylor's Fall 2017 presentation was filled with rich autumn colors, ranging from bold prints and different textures. Inspired by the 70's waves, Bb.Global Artistic Director Laurent Philippon wanted to give the models effortless soft curls. This hairstyle definitely won me over!

Styling Methods: Spray De Mode hairspray for a strong yet flexible hold, and Does It All hairspray to give a soft, touchable finish while controlling flyaways.


The hair for Club Monaco is very laid back, and we’re adapting the look to every girl’s hair texture in the lineup. It’s about finding the right recipe of product for each hair type to help embrace and accentuate their natural texture.
— Laurent Philippon, Bb.Global Artistic Director
The key is to make it look like they’ve done it themselves and that a hairdresser wasn’t there doing it.

Styling Methods: Spray damp hair with Prep, and then apply Surf Foam Spray to break up the texture. Blowdry with fingers, using the Dyson Supersonic. Mist Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Dry Oil Finishing Spray throughout to add a light veil of oil and added texture. For longer lengths, use a hair tie and create a loose ponytail at the base of the head, pulling it halfway through to create a messy, looped bun.


The hair this season is about embracing your natural texture, with a gritty, messy look and feel
— Laurent Philippon, Bb.Global Artistic Director

"We are toughening up the look by tucking the hair behind the ears, which we've never done before at Lacoste. While it's a laid back look, it's not as easy as it looks because as a hairdresser, you need to be super light-handed and incredibly precise."

Styling Methods: Make a deep center part and spray Prep throughout. Apply Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry and blow dry. Tuck hair behind ears and apply a small amount of Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry to hairline, just above ears to keep in place and to help push back bangs or fringe. 


It’s a little 70s, a little dirty. When they are walking, we want it to stay close to the head and still look natural at the bottom.
— Holli Smith

 “There’s already a lot of diversity in the casting so we left the girls’ haircuts. It’s something simple and easy-looking that they could achieve on their own and I think that easiness is really important – it’s intentional as a hairdresser,”

Styling Methods: On dry hair, liberally spray Thickening Hairspray throughout, with an emphasis on the part line and less on the ends, so hair stays close to the head. Use hands to slightly break up the hair. For curly textures, stretch out the curls with hands, heating them up with a blow dryer. When the curl is released, it will stay close to the body.


The inspiration is a sexy London girl going out. The look is all about individuality, and accentuating each girl’s haircut with a ropey, natural texture.
— Jimmy Paul, Bb.Editorial Stylist

Styling Methods: On curls, start with damp hair and apply Curl Conditioning Mousse throughout. Diffuse or let air dry. On damp hair, make a side part and create a cocktail by spraying Prep and Thickening Hairspray throughout lengths. Blow dry or let air-dry. Tuck one side behind the ear and leave the other side loose.

I’m asking each model things like what side part she thinks looks best on her. The look is meant to feel a bit homemade, like they’re doing their own hair at the show.


This season, in this crazy world, they wanted to send a message of love and they understand that fashion can be a platform to send such a message.
— Laurent Philippon, Bb.Global Artistic Director

“We are working with such a diverse casting, without gender boundaries, so we are respecting this, working with this, and having fun. We have some very exaggerated styles including beehives – for those, we are doing a lot of backcombing and shaping them with the help of Strong Finish Hairspray."

I hope you enjoyed these looks as much as I did! Which one was your favorite? Comment down below! x

Photography by Virisa Yong; Images from Bumble and Bumble

NYFW Look: That 70's Flare

Taking the NYFW streets in 70s-inspired style, I paired my collared faux fur coat with black bell bottoms—I just loved the contrast of the two. I started my first show at 10 AM with Lacoste then the Creatures of the Wind backstage and show right after. With just enough time to spare, I stopped by the Shop Style Social House and enjoyed some drinks, bites and shopping! It was nice to unwind and catch up with some familiar faces and meet new babes there as well. P.S. I'll be doing a NYFW highlights where you'll see more images from backstage and front row! So stayed tuned for that :) In the meantime, you can shop my NYFW picks here.

Photography by Virisa Yong